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Oly Janes, aged 27, has been around trucks almost all of his life as they are an important part of his family history.
At the age of 10, he started his first foray into the world of motorsport, venturing out into the karting scene and finding his feet on the track.

In 2009, he set about obtaining himself a race licence and started testing in Formula Ford with a good friend of the family, Geoff Janes, an ex-truck racer from the early days of the truck sport.

That was when Oly decided his future lay in truck racing. The purchase of the 2009 Division 2-class championship-winning vehicle was the consequence.

In the following years Janes Trucksport turned into a very successful team with multiple dominant victories and becoming “Rookie of the Year” in 2010. The team’s professional way of working – as a strong and communicative team and performance improvements using new technologies pushed the sport at an advanced and exciting pace.

In 2013, the team‘s Scania race truck was replaced by a Buggyra Freightliner thus following the intention of participating at the faster Division 1.

Unfortunately, Oly was forced to take a one-year time out due to unforeseen circumstances before the team even stood the chance to actually elaborate the optimum set-up.

In 2015, Oly Janes was back on track with an international, well-experienced team and ready to give everything to reach his goal of becoming one of the top competitors in the BTRA championship and the first team focusing on a good balance of the yearly required budget invested in technical development and marketing activities!

Now in 2016, Oly and his team are going from strength to strength.

Find out more about Oly and the team, race dates and sponsors on the official website: janestrucksport.co.uk