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Welcome to Briarwood Products Ltd

Our EUROSIX range offers you durability, flexibility and ease of use, coupled with Briarwood’s reputation for quality service and competitive pricing. We can be sure our customers are getting a sound, long-term investment.

We have worked closely for many years with LANDINI – Leaders in Fibre-Cement production. Because of our relationship, quality products and experience we guarantee our fibre-cement products for 30 years.

Our comprehensive range of products are available for NATIONWIDE DELIVERY direct from our depot using our own fleet of transport or from your local stockist

Briarwood Products Ltd is a farming family owned business involved in most agricultural sectors so we are able to give all technical knowledge on the application of Fibre Cement Roofing Materials.

Briarwood Products Ltd was founded approx 30 years ago at one of our farms, we have grown over the years and we now occupy covered warehouses of approx 6 acres in Weston-S-Mare.

Briarwood has been supporting farmers in the UK for the last 25 years, also owned by a farming family who recognize and understand the needs of the agricultural market.

We hold the largest stock of fibre cement sheeting in the UK.

We have the largest range of sheets and fitting available from stock in Natural grey, Meadowscape and Painted colour ranges.


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