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Velux Windows Into Eurosix–roof Sheets 1


Barns, stores, stables and livestock housing are all important tools of the agricultural trade so maintaining them is important. Sometimes the cost of ongoing roofing repairs outweighs itself and it is financially more sensible to replace the roof. However when you are spending a lot of money you want to ensure you are making a solid investment for the future.

In previous blogs we have looked at some of the roof maintenance that a landowner will need to undertake to support the life of a roof, however today we want to look at ventilation and why it is so important. If a roof, and the building it covers, does not have adequate ventilation then the roof can rot from the inside and significantly reduce the lifespan. However we have a couple of tricks for you that will ensure you do not suffer this fate.

Roofing must be installed correctly

Whilst this might sound like a no brainer, it would actually shock you to see how many poorly installed roofs we have seen. When using roofing sheets it is vital that each sheet is laid correctly and attached to the next with the correct fixings. To achieve a weather-tight seal, it is important to confirm that the sealing washer is correctly tightened. After a period of time when the material has settled the fixings may require further tightening with hand tools. This job should be added to the roof maintenance schedule you create, and further checks should be carried out following periods of high winds or rain that would have placed extra strain on the roof.

Use a high quality product

Whilst it might be tempting to go for a cheaper product you could be doing your budget a disservice. EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting is an excellent choice of product to clad any agricultural building. The benefits of this fibre cement roofing sheet includes resistance to chemical attack, will not rust, rot or corrode, excellent thermal and noise insulation, a low maintenance product with the ability to reduce condensation within any building. In terms of ventilation this means that there is a lower risk of moisture damaging the roof from the inside. Any moisture created inside the structure will always rise and cause condensation on the inside of the roof, however fibre cement roofing allows moisture to wick away from the inside out and be evaporated by the elements.

Consider Velux Windows

In livestock accommodation you will see a much higher rate of internal moisture generation. This obviously comes from the heat and respiration of the animals. Again whilst the fibre cement sheets are perfect for this, the addition of Velux windows can speed up the evaporation of moisture and create a better and healthier environment for livestock. Whilst these are non standard details, the fully glazed sections can be installed to perfectly form part of the Eurosix roof slope. These details have been designed for use in conjunction with the EUROSIX fibre cement roof sheets and the two piece close fitting ridge.

If you implement all of these tips you can be assured of a roof that offers a perfect watertight shelter, with an impressive 30 plus year lifespan. If you would like any more detail on the EUROSIX range and how we can best tailor that to meet your individual need please do get in touch.