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When you build a larger stable than usual, there are different things that need to be taken into account. One of the bigger problems that you’ll face is that it’s a bigger space and will need a bigger roof to cover it and protect it from the problems which are faced by both moisture and the health of your equines, which is also important and should be considered. However, what roofing should be used to keep your stables safe?

So why is roofing important?

Roofing is very important when you use it for stables because it needs to protect the horses from being exposed to the outside elements and keep them in a safe and secure environment. For horses, their mental health is just as important as their physical health, and being somewhere which does not protect them from the elements will spook them and leave them in a bad way.

So how do you protect your horses and stables?

To best protect your stables and horses from the elements, Eurosix fibre cement roofing is the best choice, and has you covered. It’s a thicker build than some of our other variants, so it provides better protection for your stables. As well as this, the properties of the fibre cement roofing allows for an air current to flow through the stables, which helps to keep the air in the stables free from too much moisture building up. This means that your horses will have better lungs, and also prevents the ground from getting too muddy, so they’re safe from bacteria within the mud and hoof infections.

Overall, the Eurosix range of roofing is the best choice for keeping your horses safe when you build a stable. The thicker design and superior protection are a must have for your equine herd, as their health, both mental and physical, is important. Briarwood is pleased to be able to stock the Eurosix roofing range, which is available in a range of colours and styles, so it can fit in with any farming location, so there’s something here for everyone to browse and be interested in.