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Ventilated Livestock Building

The Value of Good Ventilation

As winter approaches soon livestock will need to be sheltered from the elements. Adequately designed housing with sufficient ventilation is essential for healthy, productive animals. The key consideration is how to provide enough ventilation to the building whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature.

With a single cow generating around 10 litres of moisture through respiration per day humid moisture can soon build up, without appropriate ventilation. Too much moisture can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which increase health risks to livestock, such as mastitis, foot problems, pneumonia and other breathing related conditions.
EuroSIX fibre cement roofing is vapour permeable, which means it allows the building to breathe naturally, by absorbing moisture in the air. This significantly reduces the amount of condensation in the building compared to steel roofing.
Another advantage of fibre cement roofing over steel roofing is the strong thermal properties of EuroSIX, which prevents heat loss during the winter, keeping the building appropriately insulated over the colder months.