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The Timber Purlin – What Are It’s Advantages Within Roofing?

There are many different materials which people try to use when designing roofing, but one method of creating a secure and breathable roofing for your farm buildings is the timber purlin, which has many properties which make it well worth the investment in, particularly its ability to work well with fibre cement sheeting. First of all it helps to know what a purlin is, and why is it so effective?

So what is purlin?

Purlin is the term given to wooden or metal beams which help to make up the frame of a roof, forming almost a skeleton type structure. They’re important because without it, there’s no frame for the sheeting on the roof to rest on, making purlins critical to the structure of the roof.  We tend to favour the timber purlin – read on to find out why.

So why is it beneficial to a roof?

Timber Purlins are good for use with the fibre cement sheeting, like the Eurosix and Eurofive products we stock.  The timber purlins and sheeting combine well to ensure that the room below is breathable and can safely store whatever you need to be kept safe in the room, from livestock to grain or other organic materials. The good thing about the actual roof itself is when the timber purlin is combined with the fibre cement roofing, any moisture that accumulates within the building itself can be drawn away by the convection currents which run through the building and so they will not gather and settle on the grain or sit in air and prove hazardous to the livestock which use the room as a shelter from poor weather.

Overall, the design of the roofing frame and the way in which timber purlins work well with fibre cement roofing means that it’s extremely beneficial to implement it into the roofing that you use. The ability to allow the air to pass through the room is a very important feature because without it, the moisture which accumulates within a room would then begin to have adverse effects on both livestock and stores of grain or other such things. Briarwood stocks both the timber purlin and the fibre cement roofing (and incidentally ALL the fixings and accessories needed to instal a roof) so you can find what you need to successfully create a secure and breathable roofing solution for your commercial farming needs.