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The New Farming Year

As the year begins the agricultural sector is looking towards preparing for the farming year ahead. There is no better time than the start of the year to carry out any maintenance or repair work on farm buildings. Often damage can be caused by the long winter months which needs to be fixed in preparation of the busy calving, lambing and harvesting seasons ahead.

One of our customers, Hill Farm contacted us with their maintenance requirements. Follow the case study:

Briarwood Supplies Products for Repairs at Hill Farm

At Hill Farm, after carrying out their routine maintenance check of the farm buildings they were dismayed to discover that blocked gutters had caused water damage and dampness to the inside of the livestock building.

On inspection of the roof they also noticed that two of the roofing sheets needed to be replaced as well, one a fibre cement sheet and the other a grp roof light panel.

Hill Farm were concerned that they would struggle to find one supplier that would facilitate such a small order for only two roofing sheets and a new purlin, also they were concerned not to waste too much time shopping around for all of the fixings that would be needed to fit the replacement panels. Coming from a farming heritage, Briarwood take pride in dealing with farmers directly, and were delighted to supply the replacement products needed for the repairs.

The friendly and knowledgeable customer service team were able to advise Hill Farm what products they needed and also order them the necessary fixings required to make the repairs, saving Hill Farm time having to source these elsewhere. Due to the vast stock holding at Briarwood the order was fortunately able to be despatched the same week so Hill Farm could proceed with their repair work and continue with what they do best. Farming.

“We were so reassured that the person we spoke to at Briarwood knew what we needed and were happy to take our small order! It was a bonus we could buy all the fittings we needed from them too. Everything was delivered in one go and we were ready to make our repairs without wasting any time.”
Thomas, Hill Farm