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The Importance of Natural Light

The way that you store your livestock is very important to their health and wellbeing. The barn or shelter they have available should be dry, built with a good airflow, and above all else be well lit. In order to accomplish this, some farmers try and implement artificial lighting for their livestock. However, natural lighting is extremely important, and we’re here to look at why this is.

Why is natural lighting so important?

Natural lighting is extremely important for the mental health of your animals. Light is actually comprised of every colour in the rainbow, and these various colours all produce different levels of radiation, which are harmless when all released at the same time. The problem with artificial lighting is that it can only release one or two colours of light, and thus only one or two types of radiation. This imbalance can cause headaches and great distress to the animals if they are exposed to it for too long.

So how can I make sure there’s enough natural light?

One way that you can ensure there is sufficient light in the area which is natural is to utilise our GRP roof lighting. The transparent roofing has been designed with the sole intention of providing an even distribution of natural light. Not only is it durable and built to last, it also will help you to save on energy and electricity costs, because you won’t need the artificial lighting at all during the summer months when there’s a long day of light. They’ve also been designed to work in tandem with our fibre cement roofing too, so you can fit them in anywhere.

Overall, Briarwood stocks a broad range of this roofing material, which has been designed to allow as much natural light into the shelter or barn you keep your animals in as possible. Natural light is important for the health of your animals, as you obviously don’t want them distressed or suffering from constant headaches, so it is well worth ensuring that you do have a good roofing system in place which will allow them exposure to natural light, so they can enjoy the most relaxed and pain free life possible.