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Horse In Zebra Blanket


Providing a suitable environment for your horse is more than just beneficial to their comfort but contributes heavily to good health and wellness. Animals, like us, require REM sleep. If the stable isn’t offering a warm, dry, comfortable place for them to rest, this becomes much harder. If we are honest no one enjoys mucking out and cleaning but if you create a check list you can soon create a routine that becomes second nature, and your horse will thank you for it!

Keep habitats as dry as possible Mould thrives in wet conditions, and which if left unchecked contributes to respiratory distress in equine animals. Keep stables ventilated properly and make sure the roof doesn’t leak which would add to the condensation problem. On a daily basis clear wet bedding and faecal matter. Obviously, anything that remained clean and dry can be left and be topped up with the clean bedding of your choice. A horse that gets a respiratory illness can be in life threatening danger; it is not pleasant for the animal – or your wallet.

Water and food containers should be changed daily. Wrongly it is often assumed that water from the previous day can be left, but it should be refreshed. In colder months there is a genuine risk that water can freeze, which is not ideal for the horse so replacing it daily is a good habit to get into. While in and around the stable be sure to check for any objects or other debris that might have been dragged in on hooves, etc. Wire, nails or any other things could cause an issue if they are stood on, scraped against or worse still ingested. Things getting caught on rugs or bedding is very common.

Checking hooves is another good habit, take the time to remove rubbish away from the stable this decreases the risk of rubbish ending up in the stable. Removing anything like stones benefit the horse as it feels better on their feet. Finally, when you finish your daily routine, clean your tools. Tempting though it maybe to finish and chuck them in the shed, this can add to the risk of bacteria. Keeping a good stable routine can help minimise the need to see the vets and protect your bank balance!

If you are concerned about your stable and unsure of whether it is the best environment for your animals, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help. We have a range of roofing products designed specifically for equestrian buildings because they promote the health and well-being of the horse.