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Spring is the perfect time to carry out some roof maintenance to ensure your barns and livestock pens have not been damaged by winter.  Keeping on top of the maintenance will ensure that you get the longest life possible from your roof and any issues can be spotted quickly and dealt with promptly

1) Inspection 

A visual inspection is the best place to start.  Both from the inside of the structure and from outside looking over the top.  Please remember to exercise caution when working with ladders and do not be tempted to walk out over the structure, inspect from the sides!

2) Leaks

In winter, ice can form under the sheets or in cracks and crevices.  Ice expands and can, therefore, cause damage and allow small issues to turn into leak potential.  Have a look from the inside for any areas that look damp, as this could be the first sign of trouble.  Check the external roof for any signs of damaged primarily found any sealed areas with flashing or other weatherproof fixings in place.

3) Reduce Stress

The reason we suggest that you stay off the roof is two-fold.  First, there is a risk to working at height, and the HSE report falls from a height as one of the most common accidents on sites and agricultural properties.  Secondly, walking on the roof can cause more damage than the weather, and you could be inadvertently creating more problems than you are solving!

4) Clear 

If there is debris from leaves on the roof, brush these off.  Moss and other growing algae should be removed where possible as this prevents the material underneath from breathing and, especially with fibre cement sheets, the breathing element is what helps keep the room below drier, creating a more healthy environment for your animals.

5) Checklist

Finally, use our handy checklist to make sure you have covered all aspects of your spring roof maintenance routine

•Check for blockage in drains/gutters and downpipes

•Check for any loose bent or cracked drains/gutters and downpipes

•Are any metal components deteriorated or rusted

•Are beams/columns/joists deteriorated or rusted

•Are beams/columns/joists bent or cracked

•Any visible damage to the roof surface

•Any issues with flashing

•Any gaps or issues with window sealing

•Any holes bigger than 2 inches

•If there is a water supply have the pipes been damaged over winter