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Safety Assured and Quality as Standard

When investing in a new farm building or replacing an existing roof, the quality and longevity of the building materials is crucial.

At Briarwood Products we only supply products that provide the highest quality and safety standards, so our customers can rest assured the roofing is durable, as well as creating the best possible environment for livestock or its intended use.

Our Eurosix roofing sheets and accessories have been developed with the latest technology to provide modern, cutting edge fibre cement roofing sheets to provide durable safe roofing for farm buildings today.

Eurosix Lan Profiled Roof and Wall Cladding sheets are manufactured from cellulose and polymeric fibres, Portland cement and other constituents using the Hatschek process by our Italian based manufacturer, Landini. Polypropylene safety strips are inserted in locations which run the full length of the sheet in each corrugation.

Our Eurosix sheets and fittings have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they provide adequate strength to resist the loads associated with the installation of the roof, confirm to building fire safety regulations, as well as provide durability to last 30 years.

The entire range of test results are shown throughout the Eurosix BBA Certificate, which covers both roof sheets and fittings.
Eurosix materials are also approved with CE marking and BS EN 494 safety regulations.

Installation Guidance:

At Briarwood Products we strongly recommend when installing EUROSIX products all Health and Safety guidelines are carefully assessed before any work commences. Particular attention needs to be considered to the fragility status of materials that are being fitted.

At all times sites should conform to all current HSE safety regulations, more information can be obtained through the HSE website

You can download our Health and Safety product data sheet for reference.