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Rust is a fairly problematic thing, it finds its way inside garages for example, and then gets into machinery and metal parts and then starts to ruin them, and it can very irritating if you’re someone with very expensive metallic elements which can not be replaced. To try and help you combat this, we’ve done some research into rust and found a solution to help you combat it.

So what actually causes rust?

In order to understand how to combat rust, we need to know what actually causes rust. Rusting is a process which occurs when a metallic alloy which contains iron is exposed to high levels of oxygen and moisture. The oxygen then fuses with the iron in a gradual process, which creates something called an oxide. This oxide then weakens the structure of the metal at an atomic level, which is why rusted metals are often unusable.

So how do we combat the dreaded rust?

The problem that is faced by garages particularly is that the room becomes filled with the moisture that allows the rusting process to occur. The Eurosix range of fibre cement sheeting that we offer is an extremely effective counter to this because the unique composition of the sheeting means that it prevents moisture from collecting in the air, instead of allowing for the mechanical parts you have in your garage to be safe and protected from the rusting process.

The fact that the sheets are designed with vapour permeability in mind means that there’s a good air flow through them at all times, which then prevents the buildup of condensation and thus moisture in the air, which protects your metals from rusting. As well as this, the waterproof nature of the sheets means that there’s a reduced risk of water coming in and collecting in the air, which further protects your metal items from damage and rust during storms and other troublesome weather conditions.

Overall, the Eurosix range of fibre cement sheeting is designed to allow practically no moisture inside the building it is covering, and that protects the car parts or other metallic products you have in your garage from rusting and becoming unusable, so it’s the perfect choice for protecting your belongings.