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As the weather in the UK approaches almost uncomfortably hot, people across the world are setting up fans, getting buckets of ice for cold drinks, and generally trying to wait out the heatwave. However, if the weather is challenging for us, how are the animals we keep coping?

So how do animals cope with hot weather?

When you own an animal in a shelter or a barn, it is important to make sure that they can cope with the weather without suffering adverse effects. Like us, animals need plenty of water to function correctly, and in a shelter with poorly ventilated materials, it can be easy for their physical health to suffer and for dehydration and sunstroke to kick in, which can be fatal. However, it is important to strike the correct balance when it comes to a shelter, as they need adequate ventilation but also can not be too cold during the winter months or too hot during the summer ones.

But how do I find that balance?

The correct balance can be achieved by making sure that you have both the correct roofing and the correct windows in place, which are available with Briarwood’s Velux windows in the Eurosix range, which also caters to roofing. The Eurosix range is especially helpful for protecting your animals during any kind of weather because it has a unique design which allows for a great airflow, and means that the shelter will be ventilated, but at the same time will not cause any discomfort to the animals. It’s vital that the correct shelter is available for the animals because it is not just their physical health that is important, it is also their mental health as well.

Overall, the importance of protecting the health of your livestock or animals during extreme heat is critical for protecting both their physical and mental health. Briarwood offers both roofing and windows in the Eurosix range, which has been designed to specifically protect your livestock from all kinds of adverse weather conditions, from extreme heat to extreme cold, making it a versatile and high-quality roofing solution.