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Project Focus

We were delighted to be involved with this project with Farm Plus  to build an impressive new cattle building.
EUROSIX was chosen to clad the roof, primarily for its natural ventilation properties. Its vapour permeablity means it allows the building to breathe naturally, by absorbing moisture in the air. This significantly reduces the amount of condensation in the building which enhances the environment, by reducing the build-up of bacteria allowing the livestock to thrive.

Without a fibre cement roof too much moisture can build up to create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which increase health risks to livestock, such as mastitis, foot problems, pneumonia and other breathing related conditions which can be costly and problematic.

Fibre Cement Roofing also has advantageous thermal properties, which prevents heat loss during the winter, keeping the building appropriately insulated over the colder months. Excellent for this this of year!