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Antharcite Eurosix


Fibre cement roofing is used by many farmers for its many versatile and helpful properties that mean it can be utilised as an efficient roofing solution. But what is it about the material that makes it such an excellent tool to be used to protect livestock and supplies?

The roofing has a good airflow

The design of the roofing is unique and allows for a good airflow to pass through the fibres, meaning that there’s a good circulation inside the building. This prevents the buildup of condensation, which in turn helps to combat the growth of mould. The Eurosix range’s good airflow means that the health of the animals is protected, and not at risk of diseases or sickness from poor living conditions and damp air.

The roofing helps to cancel out noise

We know that farmers are going to want to ensure the health of their livestock, and both the physical and mental health of the animals are important. The noise cancelling properties of the fibre cement roofing means that the animals are protected from loud noises that might, in the case of horses, spook them and cause them to become agitated and upset.

The roofing is designed to blend in with any farm

The fibre cement roofing is available in a range of colours and designs, meaning that it can fit into the background of any farm without compromising the image, being suitable for both traditional and contemporary farming locales, highlighting its versatility and a broad range of use.

Our Eurosix style of roofing has all of the features discussed above and is available to commercial farms for use in their building designs. It’s made of polypropylene strips which are perfectly interwoven with the Eurosix sheeting to provide a well designed, durable and reliable product. The product is manufactured to comply with all the current European standards and conforms to all of the CE Marking Requirements, so it’s a trusted roof that won’t let you down. It’s BBA approved and has been designed with user efficiency and protecting livestock in mind, and is more than capable of sheltering the inside of your buildings from the elements.