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Natural light can be gained very effectively and also benefit the working environment within the building by installing GRP Translucent roof lights.

GRP translucent glass fibre roof lights provides an even spread of natural light within any building and saves on electricity and energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

All our GRP roof light systems are CE marked to the strictest of safety standards.

All our GRP roof light systems are manufactured using the highest quality processes to a minimum of 2.44kg/sq mtr commonly known as 8oz GRP Rooflights to a minimum of SAB Class 3 – but as always at Briarwood higher specifications are available – Just call our experienced team of helpful staff for details.

Briarwoods own GRP roof light products are manufactured with Anti-UV resins.

GPR Roof lights can be provided to suit obsolete and non-standard profiles for both fibre cement and box profile metal sheeting.

We at Briarwood carry vast stocks of GRP roof lights in a huge range of profiles and sizes.

Other obsolete profiles may be available in a range of sizes to suit any job, please contact us for details.