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Our Extensive Colour Range

As we hold the UK’s largest stock of fibre cement roofing we always hold stock in every colour available for rapid delivery, so choosing a non-standard colour will not impact of your building schedule. Likewise replacement sheets can be ordered in smaller quantities.
There are a number of important considerations for any building, and planning is often one at the top of the list.
Many of our customers have structures in rural areas and the aesthetic look of the building can have a key impact at the planning stage.

At Briarwood we offer all our fibre cement roofing sheets and fixings in four standard colours, and a further three colour options in our Meadowscape range this can be vital in helping the building pass planning regulations, as well as fit seamlessly with the landscape.

The Meadowscape range also has a matt surface finish reduces sun glare and reflection which is crucial for many planning application approvals.
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We can also facilitate custom colours as we have our own Paintline on site.