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Meet our Team

Find out how we make our Nationwide deliveries and what our fleet and team of drivers are capable of.
This month meet Richard Marshall, who has been a Briarwood Driver for just over a year …
Do you always drive the same vehicle?
Most of the time I drive a New Volvo FH540 44 ton artic but occassionally I drive smaller trucks when we have special deliveries that have restricted access or require a smaller vehicle.

How will the new additions to the fleet change the way you work?
The new Volvos are state of the art, Euro 6 engines mean we have the most eco-friendly trucks on the road.

How often do you need to use specialist vehicles?
We use our special trailers with truck mounted forklifts every day, others special trailers are used for very long Roofing panels, up to 20mtrs.

How often are you delivering to restricted access locations?
Most days we have very tight deliveries but it’s all part of the enjoyment, not knowing what the next one will be!

What are the most common challenges with your deliveries?
Narrow roads, tight gateways, and sheep in the roads!

What is the most challenging delivery you’ve had to make?
I remember a project in Cornwall where we delivered over 6 loads. There was a very narrow lane that a truck could not get through so we had to take all the loads the other side of the farm estate to get the other side of the farm through a river ford and over a hill and a moor (it took us hours!)

What do you like most about your job?
The Challenge, I never know what the next delivery address will be like, meeting the farmers and the sense of achievement when a Farmer says “We’ve never had an artic in here before how did you not get stuck!” It’s all in a day’s work for a driver at Briarwood.