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Meet our Team

This month meet Tony Fannon, Technical Sales Director and a key member of the Team at Briarwood.
Having been with us for a decade he has great experience of a whole spectrum of projects and is a great source of information for our customers.
What types of buildings can you offer advice on?
All agricultural, equestrian, commercial, industrial or even domestic buildings where EUROSIX Fibre Cement products can be used.

What is the most important consideration when advising a customer on their agricultural building?
All areas of agricultural buildings are important, we have excellent experience and understanding of most specification requirements required for the full range of buildings from open sided hay barns, efficiently ventilated livestock buildings through to ‘sealed’ Grain store.

What makes the Briarwood way of handling sales different to other suppliers?
The general enquiries, technical product information, sample requests and transport enquiries are always dealt with by Briarwood staff members who all work at the same location as the product is stocked which makes our response time faster and general communication of any request very efficient. The experience of all our team members is vast and Briarwood is a strong family business with its roots very firmly set in Agriculture. Briarwood encourage any customers or first time callers to talk to us, ask us any questions or tell us any concerns they may have regarding their project.

What do you like most about your job?
I have worked with fibre cement roofing materials for over 35 years now it’s taken me to interesting places and allowed me to meet great people.
I enjoy the discussions I can be involved in with my more experienced customers when we need to overcome a design issue or a  specification request.