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Italian manufacturers, Landini have been supplying fibre cement roofing for Briarwood Products for 18 years.
Meet Simone, Marketing Manager at Landini and discover how they maintain their quality system …
How are the roof sheets transported to Briarwood Products?
The fibre cement roofing is transported via Intermodal trucks. This allows delivery by road and rail, without any handling of the products itself when changing mode of transport. This helps maintains the quality of the products as well as allowing faster transportation.

What makes the roof sheets produced by Landini different to other suppliers?
Landini operates in compliance with a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system, as well as all the products we manufacture being certified by BBA. In addition to this the products we manufacture also conform to the safety institutes required by the 15 counties we export to.

What is the Landini approach to quality?
The best quality must be the standard. The way we manufacture our products and the forceful compression of the material, results in the best quality and long durability in everything we make.

How does Landini handle safety checks?
We carry out ongoing assessment of product quality through quality control procedures and product testing which is undertaken on a regular basis. Equipment is regularly tested and calibrated and the production process is monitored.

What is most important to Landini about the roof sheets produced?
The roofing sheets we manufacture provide a resistant roof for an undefined time, to protect people, livestock and equipment.

What do you like most about your job?
Building close relationships with our customers, like Briarwood, all over the Europe, Africa and Middle East. I also take satisfaction in the knowledge that the roofing sheets we manufacture are of the highest quality and delivered speedily to support the end users to be used for a variety of buildings.