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Meet Nathan Janes, second generation Farmer in the Janes Family

Meet Nathan Janes, part of the second generation of the Janes family who has inherited the management of the Briarwood Farms …
When you were growing up did you always want to work on the farm?
Being part of a farming family means you inevitably start helping on the farm at a very young age, learning how machines work and how to care for the livestock.

What type of farming do you manage at Briarwood Farms?
Our main activities on the farm are caring for and breeding our 300 strong herd of Continental beef cattle as well as sheep and not forgetting my son Harrys’ brood of free range Chickens!

How many agricultural buildings do you have on the farms? What materials do you use?
We have approx. 90 000sqft of covered building on the estate ranging from machinery sheds, calf rearing thru to grain stores and livestock buildings. All using Briarwoods Eurosix Fibre Cement Profiled Sheets.

What do you think has made the farms so successful?
The whole farm ethos is efficiency and quality of the finished animals. By being able to liaise with Briarwoods Technical department to see what solutions are available to improve our farming activities, coupled with the experience from other Farms I visit. I can gain a better understanding on what I can do to modify or build the farms infrastructure around the latest advances in animal welfare, leading to a higher output which leads to a more profitable Farm. I really enjoy being able to try new products, as we then know what improvement it makes to the finished livestock.

How do you find running a family farm?
Far from easy! Farming is a way of life, its in our family’s blood, we all eat, sleep and breath farming. But modern day farming, through careful design and planning, will reap dividends in cost, and more importantly, time savings throughout the farming year.

What are your plans the future of the Farms?
We have just started breeding Parthanaise X cattle and the results look very promising, As the Breed is becoming favoured in many top restaurants due to its very lean meat. We find that our way of farming due to the high welfare and low stress environment within our farm buildings produce very impressive market figures.