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Meet Alan and Oliver

Meet Alan Janes, founder of Briarwood Products and his son Oliver, the second generation now managing the day to day running of the company …
When you started the company 40 years ago did you imagine it would grow on this scale?
Alan: I honestly had no idea! I began selling second hand roofing sheets from the farm, and over the years the company has grown from there. We’ve always ensured anything we sell comes with good service and this is what we are known for. We still have customers from back then, over 40 years ago!
Oliver took over 4 years ago and he’s really taken the company to the next level, bringing the business to the top of the industry. We now offer an ever expanding range of products, but we will always stay true to the old saying “If we say it will be done, it will be done.”

What makes EuroSix so superior to other roofing options?
Oliver: Over the years we have tried and tested many roofing products even on our own farms and would simply not house our own livestock in anything else. Knowing the key benefits of Eurosix Fibre Cement directly translates into a better quality environment for our animals, following through to a proven higher return, hugely impacts our choice of materials.

What do you think has made the company so successful?
Alan: We have always maintained the same key values: offering the finest quality products, delivered directly from our stock, on our own transport anywhere nationwide exactly when required.

How do you find running a family business?
Oliver: It’s very rewarding! We constantly strive to be better, ensuring that if a problem arises we deal with it as required. But most importantly having our great team to work with is THE most important thing.

What are your plans the future of the company?
Oliver: Ha, Those will always be closely guarded secrets! Wait and see …