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LAMMA 2017

On the 18-19 of January 2017, the LAMMA 2017 event was held at the East of England Showground in Peterborough, which we had the pleasure of attending. We had a successful two days and met some lovely people. We’re were also delighted that our products were well received by visitors to the event and there were some great networking opportunities.

Started in 1981, the LAMMA event is the UK’s biggest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services event. The event is free to attend, with no requirement to register beforehand. There were more than 900 exhibitors there, so there was plenty of opportunity to meet some wonderful people and see all kinds of innovative machinery and farming solutions. The event attracts a wide variety of farmers from all across the country, as well as contractors and businesses like ours. There are plenty of catering outlets to provide food, drink and other refreshments to people as they explore the event.

Elizabeth Mork-Eidem is head of the events committee at Briefing Media, and she commented that they were ‘delighted by the success of LAMMA 2017. Once again we hosted more than 40,000 visitors at the UK’s leading agricultural machinery exhibition. They were able to see a number of new launches at the show and our sponsors and exhibitors have fed back that they were impressed by both the number of visitors and the also by the positive nature of the conversations that were held’.  She was also enthused by the benefits that many exhibitors received, saying that ‘After a couple of difficult years in the market, there were many instances of this, with real business being done at the show”.

Whilst we were there, the LAMMA innovation awards were given out, with the David Baggaley award for best new product or innovation going to Wiltham Oil and Paint, so congratulations to them! The list of exhibitors for next year’s event is steadily growing, planned for 17-18 of January, with nearly 900 different exhibitors signing up to participate. They’re offering everything from roofing to combine harvesters to machinery dealers, distributors and importers in the agricultural sector.

With such a varied and broad range of services, supplies and businesses signing up for a chance to attend and offer their services, it’s easy to see why this event is the largest in the UK, and continues to be well received year after year, operating in all but the fiercest and harshest weather conditions.  This has been the first show since the UK’s departure from the EU was announced. Consequently there was an air of caution yet optimism among both the exhibitors and the visitors, as there was an improvement upon the prices of the commodities as a result of the vote.

This is a great event for the farming community, and somewhere that all the family can enjoy. We had a great time and hope you did as well. We hope to be there for next years’ event, but the only question is, will you be there too?