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If you keep horses you will understand the importance of creating a suitable living environment for when they are not turned out.  It makes no difference whether you have one horse and enjoy hobby riding or whether you have several horses on a professional equestrian facility, meeting the needs of your animals remains the same.  The environment you keep them in can make a massive difference to their overall health and wellbeing.

Horses need a good and stable environment in which to flourish, with both meanings of the word “stable” being important here, as both stability and a good place to sleep are crucial. Without the correct bedding and a secure structure to protect from the elements, horses are at risk of hoof issues or mentally being spooked frequently. One of the issues frequently associated with horses is prolonged exposure to mud and dirt underfoot. This can be a problem after heavy rainfall, and can lead to problems such as softening hooves or the loss of shoes in the mud. A more severe problem is the development of an abscess in the foot. An abscess is a prime example of horse hoof problems that are caused by bacterial infections found in wet or muddy areas. Bacteria thrives in moist or damp conditions, allowing it to easily invade your horse’s hoof and work its way towards the sensitive parts of the hoof. Another condition to watch out for is the presence of thrush in your horse’s environment. When mud gets packed into a horse’s foot, bacteria from the mud begins to establish itself on the skin. While it eats away at the hoof’s tissue, the bacteria also creates an unpleasant infection with a visible discharge.

While hoof related problems are a concern, an equal opportunity for problems comes in the form of poor roofing. Protection from exposure to the elements is crucial to maintain horse health, and can help to prevent the accumulation of mud responsible for many of the ailments we’ve listed above. Our Equestrian Fibre Cement Roofing is specially designed for horse maintenance, and significantly reduces moisture and condensation build up. With a durable, long lasting build and a lightweight profile that’s perfect for stables, this roofing will be especially helpful in the winter months. Using a good roofing product can also lead to a better level of sound proofing which deadness noises from outside and leaves horses calmer and less likely to be spooked by things that go bump in the night.  To find out more about Eurofive roofing sheets give us a call or send us a message today.