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The wellbeing of your livestock should be your top priority at all times, especially if you’re a farmer who is dependant upon said livestock to make a living. Therefore, a cow which is suffering from heat stress is no help to you at all. We’re taking a look at what you can do to try and prevent the heat stress from affecting your animals.

How can I stop heat stress?

When the summer months arrive, it can be very difficult to try and keep your animals cool and well ventilated if the place they live in is not built for animals to occupy during the summer. Therefore, in order to ensure that your animals are protected from the heat, the building they are in needs to be well ventilated and at a lower temperature. This can be achieved by using windows which are designed to keep them as safe as possible, by allowing a good ventilation and airflow to come into the building.

Well, how do I accomplish this?

If you’re wondering how this is even achieved, then you don’t need to worry because Briarwood has got you covered. Our Eurosix range of roofing and windows contains the Velux window. This is a great choice for protecting the livestock because it can help to protect them from a damp and hot environment. Not only does it help to keep the room well ventilated by allowing a good airflow in, it also helps to wick away the damp which is produced by the animals sweating. This is a great way to ensure that the damp does not sit in the air and make it much more humid for the animals, and helps them to feel cooler when the sun is particularly prominent.

Overall, there’s a definite advantage to be gained from making sure your animals are correctly ventilated during the months when using Briarwood’s Velux windows. We have all the windows you’ll need to ensure that your livestock is safe and well looked after, and means that you won’t be dealing with heat stress anymore, so your animals can continue to live a happy life which will keep their well-being and health at a high, which can only be good for farmers.