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Fibre cement roofing is something we’re very proud of, and we offer both the Eurosix and Eurofive ranges,  but some people might be wondering what fibre cement roofing is and why it would be suitable for them.

Fibre cement roofing sheets are made from a carefully created formula of cement and water, which is then reinforced by a combination of manmade and natural fibres. This process gives it a long lasting structure, with a life expectancy of at least 50 years for the product, so it wont need replacing in a hurry.  We primarily work with the farming community, as this is our background and something we really understand,  offering Eurosix and its new sister product Eurofive roofing. Eurosix is perfect for agricultural usage, whereas Eurofive was designed specifically for use in equestrian stables, with a focus on horse health in particular.


We’re proud to hold the largest stock of fibre cement sheets the UK, and both products have features that make them an ideal choice for a wide range of uses. Besides being highly cost effective weatherproof sheeting, they’re also low maintenance, which means you can install them and not worry about constant repair. Being resistant to chemical damage, neither product will rot, rust or corrode, ensuring you provide livestock or horse housing without exposure to the elements being an issue. A particularly impressive feature of the Eurofive range is that the sheeting offers fantastic noise and thermal insulation, which will help stop your horses getting spooked in the bad weather and ensures they stay happy and healthy.

We also offer many different colours to suit your preference, with the standard grey being available along with juniper green, van dyke brown, and slate blue. As well as this, we also include a Meadowscape range. The matt surface finish reduces sun glare and reflection which is an integral part in getting many planning application approvals. This selection incorporates the anthracite, serpentine and jasper colour schemes. All our sheeting is quick and easy to install and fix, and the built in vapour permeability gives you a reduction in condensation, keeping everything drier and warmer. The insulation the both sheeting products offer make it ideal for all livestock, as well as storage and crop barns.