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EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting with a Slate Blue colour has been used to complete a new sheep shed for a busy farm on Exmoor. This family run farm breed and rears their own Pork, Beef and Lambs – including Exmoor Horn, and also butcher all their own meat in their on farm butchery. All the benefits of a fibre cement roof system have been identified as a perfect cladding system which is why it has replaced a ‘non fibre cement’ clad building (which can be seen in forefront of picture below). This new building will house sheep and lambs – a ‘raised’ ventilating crank crown ridge system has been used here to increase the natural flow of clean and fresh air within the building and remove the chance of condensation which other roof products may suffer from.


Specification of EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting on this farm is full recognition of a product (fibre cement) which is maintenance free and can perform consistently and effectively in aggressive atmospheres and generally still be on the roof doing its job long after many alternative products (non fibre cement) may need to have been replaced.
EUROSIX Fibre Cement roof sheeting reduces condensation and is vapour permeable which provides natural ventilation. These benefits, along with being completely rust free and with excellent acoustic insulation properties are only some of the reasons that a Fibre Cement roof cladding is deemed to be the perfect cladding material for any livestock building. Animal welfare and comfort is such an important part of the design in most agricultural buildings and with the range of ventilation systems available from EUROSIX it can often provide an answer to most questions asked by any agricultural building (from Llivestock to Grain Stores).

It is important to know which product is the best for any aspect of any building. it seems clear that good quality fibre cement sheeting has outperformed many alternative roofing products, and has done so for 100 years. Ideally you should clad a building with a product which is fit for purpose and which can continue to perform this simple requirement for as long as possible.
Briarwood Products from Highbridge, Somerset have the largest stockholding of fibre cement sheeting anywhere in the UK, and this along with a full range of associated products which you may require is all available for delivery using our own fleet of transport at short notice if required. Please visit our website www.briarwoodproducts.co.uk for further information of services offered by Briarwood Products.