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SAM 5434

Exclusive Design

The Raised Curved Ridge has been exclusively designed by Briarwood Products and helps to provide beneficial ventilation within a livestock building. The design facilitates the Venturi airflow effect, as the fresh flow of cool air enters the building directly where warm, moist, stale air can accumulate and provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria if left unvented.
The Raised Curved Ridge is a good alternative to using an open protected ridge system, as it allows a major airflow, whilst protecting against risk of direct rainfall entering the ridge detail or livestock building itself. The curved ridge acts as an ‘umbrella’ shielding the building from direct rain whilst efficiently allowing fresh air flow.If preferred, Cranked Ridge Fittings can also be used as an alternative fitting to the curved ridge, to create the same benefits of the raised ridge. Although the curved ridge provides a more aesthetically result. The airflow can be adjusted to suit all building sizes by the height of the ridge.

A full range of alternative ventilation systems are available from Briarwood products so please contact us if you require assistance.

Technical Specifications:
  • Available in 1400mm overall girth
  • Maximum unsupported overhang 300m
  • Available in full colour range and finishes
  • Reinforced with strategically placed polypropylene strips which are fully integrated along the length of each corrugation
  • Manufactured under ISO9002 and fully covered by CE certificate
  • Weight 23.5kg per piece

Recommended Fixing Procedure:
  • Two fixings per sheet in each purlin are required
  • Fix through the first full corrugation next to side lap detail
  • Where wind section forces are likely to exceed 2,000N/sq.m or the length of the roof slope exceeds 30m, please refer to current building regulations and procedures.
  • When the curved raised ridge run exceeds 45m movement joints will be required, as per standard recommendations.
  • Please always follow Briarwood Products essential information regarding storage, handling, health and safety guidelines and fixing procedures.