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Briarwood Products of Highbridge, Somerset have supplied over 650m2 of EUROSIX fibre cement roof sheeting which covers a new livestock building on a small family farm in Gloucestershire. After months of detailed planning for this new project a specification was issued for EUROSIX reinforced fibre cement sheeting to include a ventilated ridge system with the building open on 2 sides and EUROSIX roof sheeting to overhang further than the traditional eaves line which adds protection above the cattle feed. Yorkshire boarding fixed at the gable end to offer continuous ventilation.

In addition to the EUROSIX ventilated ridge system this livestock building has included the open side detail so a maximum flow of air can be obtained from eaves to ridge. This natural form of ventilation system, if planned correctly, is known to produce a most effective air flow which allows any warm stale air to escape from the highest point of the building, whilst replacing it with a flow of fresh and clean air.
Small Farm Facts
Herd size of 150 cows ( previously was just 75 )
30 point rotary milking system
Over 8,000 litres of milk produced each day
New lagoon which can store over 3 months water supply when full
All milk supplied to local retailers only


EUROSIX reinforced fibre cement sheeting is available in a full range of colours and in all sheet sizes with a full range of fittings and ventilation systems to support any agricultural building specification, so you will have no need to restrict the design of your roof. Briarwood Products hold the largest stock of fibre cement roofing sheets in the UK and can deliver at short notice if required. The Meadowscape range of colours are a matt surface finish which reduces the effect of sun glare from the roof and reflection after rainfall which is often critical to support many planning application approvals. The full EUROSIX range of fibre cement sheeting are all BBA Approved and manufactured under QS ISO 9002 and also covered by Ce certification. Briarwood Products are proud to support all areas of the Agricultural sector with a wide range of products, for further information on this and much more please visit the website www.briarwoodproducts.co.uk