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Over 1,400m2 of EUROSIX natural grey fibre cement sheeting was specified and clad to an impressive new Grain Store facility with a storage capacity of 5,000 ton in the West of England.

A watertight building with condensation free atmosphere was the starting point for this project. EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting supplied by Briarwood Products offers all the major benefits required,  along with strict manufacturing guidelines covered by QS ISO 9002, BS EN 494 Class C1X Non Fragile Class C and fully BBA approved. The full range of EUROSIX fibre cement material is manufactured and covered by CE regulations.

800 acres of mixed farmland are part of this estate’s working farm. A new larger Grain Store was required to keep up with increased demands and supply. The farm Estate is a fourth-generation family business which has a history going back to 1895.

This farm has changed and developed over the past 123 years and during 2005 was passed down to the next and younger generation of the farming family allowing the launch of collaborative ventures with local farmers on arable and cattle enterprises. It is now a true and successful example of farming diversification and celebrates and shares a commitment to modern, conservation-minded farming and uses methods such as direct drilling and variable rate application technologies.

Farm facts

Grain Storage – a service for local farmers, for those who cannot store all their own grain or who want to clean or dry grain and don’t have modern facilities

It enables those who want to take advantage of pooled marketing strategies or want space for storage of speciality crops such as beans or linseed. The Hawthorns has established partnerships for selling the stored cereals with two national grain merchants.

Grain moistures and specifications vary wildly from year to year depending on the weather and few farmers can afford to invest in drying and blending facilities to cope with weather extremes.

The grain storage facility increases farmer’s productivity by providing the ability to process the grain either by cleaning, drying or blending. This will enable grain sold by farmers to achieve marketing specifications whether it be moisture, protein levels, kg/hl, screenings or admix.

Farmers have a choice of bringing in cereals to be dried, sorted and returning the crop to their own storage or leaving it in storage at The Hawthorns to be sold when the market is higher.

Arable farming – working with four neighbouring farms, with all crops established by no-till methods

Beef fattening joint venture – the cattle manure produced is a vital part of the nutrition for the arable system and is a closed loop system.

Business Centre – office and workshop rentals in converted farm buildings, providing premises for around 60 people