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EUROSIX Covers Ministry Of Defence Project

When a very busy Equestrian building situated within Ministry of Defence academy grounds required a new roof, Briarwood Products were proud to be selected from a specified suppliers list to provide material and all required services along with the security and confidence demanded while working on such an important project. 500m2 of natural grey EUROSIX fully compressed fibre cement sheeting was used on the main Equestrian arena and various stables and livery buildings. This particular Defence Academy Saddle Club is situated within very secure grounds but still manages to provide livery and horse riding facilities for Military personnel, students, civilian staff working on the base to include their families and local community members also.

This is a very busy equestrian facility to supply the demands from military personnel alone but also manages to hold very popular show jumping events and competitions throughout the year within its very safe and friendly environment.

EUROSIX fully compressed fibre cement sheeting was chosen as the perfect product to clad this MOD equestrian building due to many performance  factors such as a completely weatherproof roof covering with vapour permeability ‘breathing roof’ performance, excellent acoustic insulation which significantly reduces noise within the building compared to alternative roof coverings available especially during heavy rainfall and hailstones.

EUROSIX is a maintenance free product which does not suffer from material corrosion, rust or chemical attack, the fully compressed sheets are produced to UK quality control system BS EN ISO 9002 and meet all the requirements of BS EN 494 class C1X , non fragile class C in accordance with ACR (M) 001;2005 third edition