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Owning a horse comes with a myriad of responsibilities with the health of your horse sitting top of the list. Everyone strives to have healthy animals unfortunately sometimes fate does not agree.

Whilst it might seem strange for a roofing manufacturer to be concerned with such an issue, one of the reasons we designed our EuroFive Fibre Cement sheets as a new line was because we have an interest in equine care and could see how we could positively impact on the stable environment.

One of the key issues for all Horse owners is having a healthy living environment for their Horses. Damp stables, despite owner’s best efforts with bedding and ventilation, can produce a higher level of allergens. Mould spores, dust and mites can all thrive in a damp room, but what can you do to combat it?

Our roofing sheets have been designed to add to the ventilation and drying effect of any building. Heat and moisture rises, whether it is coming from the horse breathing or sweating, or whether it is rising through the floors and bedding. What we have created in our EuroFive Fibre Cement sheets is an anti-condensation capability. Basically on other roof materials moisture hits the roof and can go no further, so it turns to condensation. Condensation can drip down on to the Horses back and/or Stable floor creating an endless cycle, and the overall outcome is a damp living area for the horse.

With EuroFive Fibre Cement sheets you gain a one way permeable membrane that enables the moisture to keep going once it hits the roof inside the stable. It rises through the sheet and is evaporated off the top externally by the elements. This design means moisture cannot pass outside in.


Eurofive also creates a noise reducing effect that keeps stables quieter during high noise periods – Rainfall, Storms for example. This also helps horse obtain the REM sleep they need, as there is less to startle or stress them overnight when you are not on hand to pacify them.

Our Roofing sheets can be either Specified by name on your new stables or you can re-roof your existing stables. Eurofive Fibre Cement roofing sheets have a lifespan of 30 plus years, are available in a wide range of colours, and will not bend or bow like other stable roofing on the market.

Changing a roof might seem like a mammoth task but it offers the owner a powerful tool with which to combat the increasing problems of respiratory illness in horses. When combined with moisture reducing bedding and good ventilation (we can assist with ventilation issues by using EuroFive roofing sheets accessories) then you can be assured you have taken the correct preventative steps to protect your horse from respiratory distress, with some other benefits thrown in free!

We can supply all you need for your stables’ roof including Clear Sheets, Ridges, fixings and Barge Boards and much more!

If you are interested in learning more about the EuroFive roofing sheets for your stables and horses wellbeing please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.