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Introducing EuroBRIGHT sheets to our EuroSIX range

An environmentally friendly method to replicate natural light inside a livestock building, improving animal welfare without increasing overheads.

Reports indicate that increasing natural light within a livestock building will benefit animal health and impact positively on productivity. With this in mind, we have expanded our roofing range to include EuroBRIGHT.

This new addition can increase the light within livestock building by replicating natural light thanks to a specific coating that is applied to the underside of the sheet.

EuroBRIGHT presents a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to improve animal health and efficiency, whilst providing all the benefits of standard fibre cement roofing sheets.

“Its a very exciting development for us to be able to offer a roofing solution that not only offers the ventilations benefits of fibre cement roofing sheets, but that also contributes to improving the wellbeing of the animals through maximising natural light, in an environmentally way.” Oliver Janes, Director

EuroBRIGHT is available in the EuroSix profile.