Creating the best stable environment for horses is an issue we take very seriously at Briarwood.

• Purposefully created for the equine habitat

• Specifically designed to help maintain horse well-being

• Significantly reduces moisture and condensation

• Excellent acoustic insulation

• Efficient thermal properties (keeps temperature consistent)

• Durable, long lasting and maintenance free (30 Year plus lifespan)

• Lightweight, smaller profile – ideal for stables

Why choose Eurofive roofing sheets from Briarwood.

Choosing Eurofive when building or refitting your stables offers so many advantages for the welfare of animals. In order to maintain performance and health we know that horses must have REM sleep, just like people. For this to happen the stable must be clean and comfortable.

Eurofive will provide a 30 plus year solution to your roofing needs. Fibre Cement is a great long term solution as it will not rust or rot. Inherent in the design of Eurofive are excellent noise reducing properties helping lower the noise within the stable during periods of rainfall and storms.

With a small profile and at just 11kg per SQM you can be assured that the roof will not sag or bow.

Using Eurofive Fibre cement roofing sheets lowers animal stress while stabled

Creating a calm and relaxed environment

Eurofive: The benefits

Eurofive roofing offers a less stressful environment for horses. External noises and protection from the elements is high.

The roofing sheets prevent condensation by absorbing moisture from inside the building, absorbing it to be evaporated off the top of the roof, leaving nothing internally.

This also means the Fibre Cement absorbs the moisture in the air from the animals heat and respiration, which can carry bacteria and disease, further supporting equine welfare.

Eurofive Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets
from Briarwood Products
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Specialist suppliers of complete fibre cement roofing solutions to all sectors of the agricultural industry.

Fibre cement profiled sheeting minimises condensation levels in livestock buildings, reducing animal distress, improving welfare and providing excellent resistance to the aggressive atmospheric conditions typical in agricultural environments.

Fibre cement does not rot or rust ensuring it is a sound long-term investment.

As well as structures to house livestock, fibre cement’s superb physical characteristics make it appropriate for a wide range of applications.

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