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Enhanced Equine Environment

The basic needs for a suitable environment for a healthy happy horse remain the same, whether its for a pony or professional racing horse.
With this in mind, we have already created Eurofive Fibre Cement Roofing sheets, specifically designed to help maintain equestrian health and wellbeing by creating a less stressful environment in the stables, reducing the exposure to external noise and protecting the horse from harmful bacteria through the absorption of internal moisture,¬†facilitated by the fibre cement’s natural ventilation.
We have taken equestrian and animal welfare to the next level, introducing ‘EuroBRIGHT‘, a new range of fibre cement roofing sheets that has been added to our ever expanding range of options.
Animal welfare and environmental considerations were the driving factors behind the development of EuroBRIGHT. This new range of sheets provides a solution to enhance the light within equestrian and livestock buildings without creating additional overhead costs. We have been able to achieve this by coating the underside of the roofing sheets with a specific off white covering which replicates natural light within the building. Increased natural lighting within livestock buildings contributes to promoting animal health, happiness and productivity.