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Bristol University

Bristol University

EuroSIX was the chosen roofing material by Bristol University for its state of the art, purpose built housing for 220 adult cattle and approximately 200 youngstock at the university’s Department of Clinical Veterinary science.

The building’s main function is to represent optimum building design to support the research and student training at the facility. Therefore, animal welfare and pioneering materials were the key drivers for this design.

5,400m2 of EUROSIX Anthracite fully compressed fibre cement roof sheeting was specified due to its natural vapour permeability benefits. Raised sheets were fitted on every third run of EUROSIX sheeting to provide the best level of ventilation.

EuroSIX fibre cement is used in the building to demonstrate the following positive benefits:

Positive impact livestock productivity by improving animal welfare
Provide natural noise reduction and thermal insulation
Promote adequate ventilation and fresh air flow
Reduce condensation and harmful build up of bacteria
Maintain a good temperature even the most extreme weather conditions