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Over 520m2 of EUROSIX reinforced fibre cement roof sheeting has been supplied via Briarwood Products to cover a duo pitch roof which now houses a lambing shed and hay barn store on a farm in South Wales.


This roof was specified in a EUROSIX Serpentine green colour finish with a run of ventilated crank crown ridges. In addition to this, the building has included one completely open side vertical detail and traditional Yorkshire boarding on the remaining vertical details, so a maximum flow of air can be obtained from eaves to ridge. This natural form of ventilation system, if planned correctly, is known to produce a very effective air flow which allows any warm stale air to escape from the highest point of the building, whilst replacing it with a flow of fresh and clean air. Alternative ventilation systems are also available for use with EUROSIX fibre cement roof sheets and details of these, along with case studies involving a further range of fittings and colours can be found on Briarwoods website.

All EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting is reinforced with strategically placed polypropylene strips fully integrated within every corrugation of each sheet and covered by full BBA approval. EUROSIX is manufactured under QS ISO 9002, is non fragile Class C and fully covered by CE Certification. Briarwood Products are very proud to support all areas of the agricultural sector with a wide range of quality products which are available for nationwide delivery on our own transport fleet.

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