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Meadowscape 1

Briarwood’s EUROSIX Meadowscape compliments original farm construction

Specification and Planning regulations were important factors taken into account before EUROSIX Anthracite fibre cement roof sheeting was provided to extend a livestock building on a farm in West Wales.

This was the 3rd extension to this livestock building in just over 60 years and the ability for a ‘new’ roof to blend in a short space of time with the original sheeting as best as possible was one of the main Planning requirements. Briarwood Products were able to supply from stock the Anthracite colour finish which was deemed to be the answer. Anthracite is from the EUROSIX Meadowscape range which is a matt non BS colour finish that will blend over time into the rural landscape . The matt surface reduces sun glare and reflection after rainfall which can be crucial for many planning application approvals.


As this extension will be used to house the additional cattle of a small dairy herd, a spaced roof system has been fixed with closed crank crown ridges. EUROSIX spaced roof sheets offer improved ventilation and ensures a comfortable and fresh environment for the cattle housed within this building.

The Meadowscape range of matt finish colours are available from Briarwood Products own stock in 3 colours which are Anthracite, Serpentine and Jasper. A full range of sheet lengths and fittings are available in all these 3 colours. All EUROSIX sheeting is reinforced with strategically placed polypropylene strips which are fully integrated within the sheets for maximum effect. All EUROSIX fibre cement sheets and fittings are manufactured in accordance with European Standards and conform to the requirements to carry a CE certification.