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Over 2,000 m2 of Anthracite EUROSIX fibre cement roof sheeting from Briarwoods Meadowscape range was recently fixed to provide storage for a further 6,000 tons of grain for a very busy private crop farmer in Wiltshire. All material was provided from stock and delivered on Briarwoods own fleet of transport.pastedGraphic.png

Very high standards have to be met when a grain storage building is under construction and EUROSIX answered all the questions for this major project. A watertight building with efficient ventilation together with condensation free atmosphere was the starting point for this project. All this was possible with EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting which offers all the major benefits required along with strict manufacturing guidelines covered by QS ISO 9002, BS EN 494 Class C1X Non Fragile Class C and fully BBA approved. The full range of EUROSIX fibre cement  material is manufactured to CE Certificate of conformity which is available upon request along with any other product information you should require from Briarwood Products.


We at Briarwood Products will be very happy to discuss the benefits of the fibre cement manufacturing process and how this will give you confidence in the EUROSIX product fixed onto your building,  along with the strength, flexibility and a long lasting maintenance free roof covering. For further information about the complete range of sheeting and associated products required  to support your project please visit www.briarwoodproducts.co.uk or phone us on 01934 641446 where we will be very happy to talk with you