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Briarwood products supplied 350m2 of EUROSIX Anthracite fibre cement sheeting, along with cranked crown ventilation ridge to complete a very smart stepped roof on a farm in Devon, where a small herd of Ruby Reds, sheep and goats are located. Local outlets are the main priority for supply of produce from this farm, and a very successful on-site farm shop is available for local residents to collect many of their fresh weekly shopping requirements.


Availability of the EUROSIX Anthracite colour and matt finish was the key to the project going ahead. Local planning authority requirements demanded a colour finish which would blend into the rural landscape and alongside some well established farm buildings which are close by on the same site.

Briarwood products hold a very large stock of EUROSIX Meadowscape fibre cement sheets and fittings at their warehouse in Highbridge, Somerset. These, along with a wider range of fibre cement sheets and an extensive range of associated products are all available for UK delivery at short notice if required. The Meadowscape range is available in three natural variations of colour in a matt finish which will blend into the rural landscape. The matt surface finish reduces sun glare and reflection after rainfall which can be a crucial detail to offer for many planning application approvals. Anthracite, Serpentine and Jasper colours are available in the full range of EUROSIX sheet lengths and fittings which allow buildings to be constructed without any restrictions to the setting out of any roof. If you require further information of any services supplied by Briarwood Products please visit our website www.briarwoodproducts.co.uk