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Briarwood Products continue to supply a green solution to 2nd phase of major dairy expansion

EUROSIX fibre cement roofing sheets are a perfect covering for any agricultural building but especially livestock buildings where the welfare and health of cattle is so important, or indeed any construction where moisture and heat may be present. The ability for EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting to offer a natural form of ventilation and also be resistant to condensation and methane produced by cattle which are housed within the building makes a more comfortable environment for livestock.

Also fibre cement sheeting offers excellent acoustic insulation and this reduction in noise from a roof covering livestock is again beneficial to the comfort and welfare of cattle. A wide range of ventilation systems which can support any building’s need for clean air and also reduce temperature and moisture inside any building, can be provided by Briarwood Products.


A further 2,750m2 of EUROSIX fibre cement roof sheeting, along with an open protected ridge system coloured Juniper Green has been used to cover a new cattle building during construction of phase 2 on a major Dairy Farm expansion.
Specification of EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting on a project such as this is full recognition of a product (fibre cement) which can perform consistently in aggressive atmospheres and generally still be on the roof doing its job long after many alternative products (non fibre cement) may need to have been replaced.

It is important to know which product is the best for any aspect of any building and it seems clear that good quality fibre cement sheeting has outperformed many alternative roofing products, and has done so for 100 years. Ideally you should clad a building with a product which is fit for purpose and which can continue to perform this simple requirement for as long as possible, it seems a good quality fibre cement sheeting can claim this to be the case and there is a history of buildings constructed with a fibre cement roof throughout the UK which demonstrates successfully this ‘fit for purpose’ requirement.

Briarwood Products from Highbridge, Somerset have the largest stockholding of fibre cement sheeting in the UK. Associated products to compliment any agricultural building specification can also be supplied by Briarwood, for further information about the full range offered please visit the website www.briarwoodproducts.co.uk or call 01934 641446.