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Antharcite Eurosix

Anthracite Eurosix, Dairy Farm, Mid Wales

EUROSIX  Creates a first class environment

Anthracite EUROSIX fully compressed fibre cement sheeting supplied by Briarwood Products Ltd covers a very impressive new milking parlour in Meiford, Mid Wales. The 400 cow dairy complex is intended to make life a little easier for both man and beast. EUROSIX fibre cement offers the performance factors required on such a building. A complete weatherproof and maintenance free roof covering with vapour permeability to significantly reduce condensation, and the acoustic insulation reduces noise levels within the building compared to alternative roof coverings.

Keeping more cows and updating some ageing facilities were the main areas of priority with this development so housed within the new 200ft X 90ft building is a 44 point Westfalia rotary parlour fitted out with individual cow electronic identification, an automatic controlled collecting yard, isolation and treatment areas and a four point sluice gate cleaning system covering all the areas which cows have access to.

A fully computer controlled 18,000-litre bulk tank is also installed within the steel framed, concrete panelled and treated timber structure which has been finished to a very high standard.

Much improved efficiency can be seen with previous times of four to five hours twice a day to milk 200 cows now converted to less than 2 hours with expectations of further improved times in the future.

 Farm facts

  • Farm area is 142 hectares (350 acres)
  • This herd is the current holder of the prestigious Federation of Welsh Grassland Societies trophy for the best milk quality.
  • Each stall on the rotary is fitted with V-shaped floor plate which helps position rear legs to improve milking efficiency and comfort
  • Average yield is 9,500 litres per cow.
  • Butterfat stands at 4.05 % with protein at 3.30 %

Milk collections now take place every day and then on to Asda for retailing as branded Welsh milk in stores across Wales.