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Providing the perfect environment for your horse will not only be beneficial to his comfort but also the overall health and wellness.  Horses, just like people, need REM sleep and this cannot be achieved if the stable does not provide a warm, dry, comfortable place for them to rest.  If we are really honest no one really enjoys mucking out and cleaning but if you create a check list of these 6 vital steps you can soon create a routine that becomes second nature, and your horse will thank you for it!

1 –  Muck Out

Each day remove all muck and any bedding that is wet.  Anything that is not mucky or wet can be saved and reused, with clean fresh bedding substance of your choice added to the top.  Having damp bedding can contribute to respiratory illness and prevent your horse getting the rest it needs.

2 – Make Safe

As you go about the cleaning, have a check around for any debris or objects that have got caught up and brought in.  Nails, bits of wire or any other foreign objects could be a danger if they are stood on, scraped against or worse still eaten.  It is very easy for things to get swept in or carried in on rugs and bedding.

3 – Check Feet

If you carry out a foot check and remove anything before you take the horse back to the stable you will lessen the chances of rubbish being carried into the stable with you.  Picking out any stones and dirt will also make your horse feel more comfortable

4  – Food and Water

Be sure to change all food and water sources daily.  It can easily be assumed that if there is water left from the day before it is fine, but really this should be thrown away and fresh water replenished.  There is also a worry in the colder months that the water can freeze so systematically checking and replacing daily is a good habit to get into.

5 – Good Hygiene 

In order to minimise the spread of bacteria it is good practice to make sure you are also cleaning your equipment daily, and not slinging dirty tools back into the shed.  Unwanted vets bills can be avoided by ensuring you are doing your best to keep your horse healthy

6 – Building Inspection 

A stable should be as damp free as possible.  Mould thrives in damp places and this can contribute to cases of respiratory distress in horses.  Stables should be ventilated well and have a roof that doesn’t leak or add to the condensation problem.

If you are concerned about your stable and unsure of whether it is the best environment for your animals, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.  We have a range of roofing products designed specifically for equestrian buildings because they promote the health and wellbeing of the horse.