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There is nothing more annoying than finding you have a leak in your roof. If you are trying to protect crops or house animals then your heart sinks at the thought of the maintenance and repair bill. Understanding some of the reasons that cause a roof to leak can help you protect your current roof or look after a new roof should the worst already have happened

1) Under Maintained

Whilst all products offer lifespan, this doesn’t always work if the materials are then neglected. Creating a routine roof maintenance schedule is a great thing to do, and helps to ensure nothing gets overlooked. Clearing debris, inspecting so that you can catch problems early, and getting straight out after a storm or other bad weather and checking for damage all form part of a maintenance schedule and our other blogs offer some great tips.

2) It Got Old

As mentioned above, every product will expire eventually. Our fibre cement sheets offer 30 years life, so if they had been in situ for 40 years it would be reasonable to expect they no longer perform as they should. If needs be create a record when roofs are changed or repaired so you have a good idea when they will time expire.

3) Winter Weather

Snow and ice are the bane of roofing. Unfortunately we cannot control the elements but we can be aware of the damage that can be done and take steps to avoid it. Flat roofs are most susceptible to damage in this situation as the snow and ice cannot fall away like it can on a peaked roof. Our blog on winter care takes you through the steps of removing snow, and advises when it needs to be done.

4) Rain

Again, whilst a well fitted roof that uses quality items can easily withstand the rain in the beginning, standing water can become and issues over time. Again this is the downside of flat roofs, and even a small pitch helps water run off. Checking that guttering is not blocked and water can run clear is always valuable.

5) Vent Issues

Water can get in via damaged or old roof vents. It is important that the building can breathe so good ventilation especially where animals are housed is vital, but it is also important any ventilation system is keep in tip top condition to avoid water getting into the structure.

If you are concerned that your roof is going to become an issue in the near future, get on it now, it is less time consuming and stressful to plan a repair or replacement than it is to react to a disaster. Give us a call and one of our team will be happy to chat to you about the best course of action for your roof.